Maggie Perf Wingtip by Frye

A surprise came in the mail the other day.

 The Maggie Wing Tip Perf, by Frye. 

My first pair of Fryes ever! And believe me, they are worth the price. The leather feels great on my feet. They are firm, but not stiff and they practically molded to my feet after only a few wears. What's even nicer is that they've got a heel of about 3 inches, which keeps me at the 6 feet range - right where i like to be :) 

The leather and heel has got that "worn" look to them, which I sometimes find can be a bit overdone. In this case though, it looks like the imperfections that are usually associated with "the worn look" are actually as a result of the production process. So to me, it comes off a bit more authentic than some pieces I have seen. 

Oh, also all Fryes are apparently handmade! That's something that is becoming increasingly rare, I've noticed. Shoes now-a-days just aren't the same. 

Glad to know there are still companies that produces quality shoeware - even if you do have to pay a bit more for it :)

Happy girl prance dance!


April Seabright

After weeks of yearning and failed attempts, I finally made it to the ocean.

It's April, and the chill hasn't yet left the air. The water was freezing, but it was worth braving the waves to feel water rushing between my toes.

As nice as the beach was, it was also ridiculously windy. So windy that when my boyfriend, Ryan, and I were lying on our towels, we could feel the sand pelting our feet. 

Sort of comical, actually.

Eventually we got tired of that scene and ditched our towels in favor of taking a stroll.

Seabright has been my beach of choice for years now, but I had never taken the time to head to the northern end of the beach.

Has anyone else noticed that under most lighthouses you will usually find these huge concrete structures? They remind me of jax. You know, those little x-shaped things from the children's game? The objective is to bounce the ball and try to pick up as many jax as you can before the ball reaches the ground.

Or something like that.