Garden Grows

Back in early July the boyfriend and I planted some vegetable seedlings. Would they grow? Would they shrivel up from lack of watering?  Would little buggies decide they'd make the perfect food source?

I'm not sure what I expected to happen. 

Okay, so we did loose about 1/3 of the seedlings. But the ones that did survive my black and blue thumb have kind of flourished!

I haven't a clue what plant is what. Fortunately, some of them do have markers that we stuck in the ground when we originally planted them, but I get the feeling that some of them are wrong.

Like the one above. The marker says it's a watermelon plant, but I could have sworn that watermelon growth tends to be more horizontal rather than vertical like ours.

Is it safe to assume this one's a tomato plant? It looks a bit diseased.

Next time the boyfriend and I attempt something like this, we will make sure to properly till the ground so it can actually yield something tasty.

Last week I started my last semester of college. So far it hasn't been too eventful. I'm definitely more mellow than I've been in past semesters.

I spend the time in between classes either working ( my job allows me to work from home the majority of the time ) or lying on by back on a path a bit removed from the main walkways with my ipod turned to Joanna Newsom, watching the bugs fly in and out of my field of vision.

It's quite relaxing. 


Mr. B. Dylan

Wouldn't you know it. I just happen to fall ill on the weekend that I have one of my very best friend's 21st birthday celebration and the Bob Dylan concert I've been waiting for since we bought tickets in like, June.

Keeping in mind that I was feverish and sneezy, I did not feel like dressing up much for the concert. The cute outfit, along with the plans of heading up early to relax at the beach before heading to concert, were nixed.

Warmth, not fashion, was the key to surviving the 55 degree weather I was heading towards.

I know 55 degrees isn't that cold, but when you're used to nights hitting an all time low of 62 and your sick, all of a sudden the night air can seem a lot more brisk.

I love the drive down 101 to Monterey.

Usually on trips to Monterey, I'm the one doing the driving. It was so refreshing to be in the passenger's side and be able to relax and document some of the sights, rather than having to focus on the road.

In case you haven't heard, sightseeing while driving is the probably one of the leading causes of those bumper-to-bumper traffic jams we all just love being stuck in.

Cherrys for sale? Don't mind if I do.

We made it to the concert with plenty of time to spare. It was definitely interesting being one of the few younger people and the only person of color (seriously, this is not an exaggeration) that I saw the entire time.

I'm pretty used to being the only black person in social situations due to the sort of unconventional scene that I hang about in. But what I'm not used to, is getting such intense stares. This may have been because 96 percent of the crowd were age 50 and up, but still.... sort of uncomfortable.

Things definitely mellowed out once the great Bob Dylan got on stage!

I'm sure the large percentage of older people in attendance had a lot to do with the fact that when Bob Dylan was in his prime back in the 60s and 70s, they were too.

The most hilarious part was that as soon as the lights dimmed and his music started playing, all these little amber twinkles appeared in numerous places throughout the crowd, and soon there was a quite distinctive smell in the air.

Even the older couple sitting to our left who I had chatted with a bit before the show started about their daughters in college back east, had a little amber glow of their own. They were getting down with their groovy hard. I had never seen the Twist or the Robot executed with such grace and elegance before.

Kudos to them. And to you as well, Mr. Dylan, for playing a role in healing people throughout the civil rights and anti-war movements.


I, Jazzy.

My outfits have been pretty dismal lately. The one I wore to the Annual Jazz Festival last weekend was not even worth documenting :(

The boyfriend and I had an amazing time. 

It was three days filled with Jazz, Salsa and Funk. Even though my iPod is filled with relatively obscure indie artist like The Tallest Man on Earth (who I am seeing live next month!), Beach House, Taken by Trees and Fionn Regan, I do have a healthy appreciation for most types of music. 

The Jazz and Salsa were amazing. Funk, though amazing in it's own special way I'm sure, I despise. 

My favorite part of festivals are the vendors. I love looking at the random items for sale. This year's selection did not disappoint.

They even had my favorite item of all time.

Furry drums!

If you ever find your self face to face with a furry drum, here are several steps you must be sure to take:

1. Stop and stare in awe.
2. Say to yourself out loud to confirm, "Yes, it is a furry drum."
3. Extend your arm towards the furry drum. Ensure there is epic music playing in the background and the slow motion effect has been turned on.
4. Make contact with the furry drum.
5. Proceed to rub and drum until content.

The highlight of weekends performance for me was the Jeff Hamilton Trio.

Okay, I realize they don't look all that interesting, but let me assure you, they are a sight to see.

Bill Hamilton (in the center) plays the drums like I've never seen. 

Oh and in case you are expecting something crazy and mind blowing, this sample is pretty yellow mellow. 


Fall Awakening

It's been a while since I've posted.

Bad. Bad Me.

It was the usual stressors - working two computer-intensive jobs sort of made me want to never touch a computer again.

Glad that's over with.

Well the jobs I've still got - I meant my intense dislike of computers.

So, on Monday, August 2, I saw Joanna Newsom at the Fox Theatre in Oakland.

Can I just say that Joanna Newsom is a goddess?

Well, she is.

If you haven't heard of her (go to youtube, now!), her earlier stuff was more folk-harp-amazingish, and her most recent album is more harp-supermaster-unbelievale.

She played all of my favorites from her album, Have One on Me, as well as some of her other classics like Emily and Inflammatory Writ.

Oh my goodness. She was AMAZING. And for me to use all caps, you know that it really must have deserved emphasis.

Though it wasn't an entire full orchestra, five members of the band that she used to record Have One on Me were there. The trombone, banjos and flutes sounded like peppermint candies when accompanying her harp and piano.

You know those artists that sound better on their album than they do live? Disappointing, isn't it?

Newsom is not one of those. This is the first show I've been to (and I've been to many a few) where the live version actually puts the album version to shame.

That is no easy feat, because the album is a three-disc set comprised of two hours and forty five minutes of fairies and fluffy clouds.

Andy Samberg is one lucky man.

Yess! New plants on the bedroom table!

I'm sort of in love with succulents right now.

Time for a mini lesson:
According to Wikipedia, succulents, also known as fat plants, are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climate or soil conditions.

They are cute. I catch myself wanting to sploosh their plump little leaves.

No, I am not taking bets on how long they take to die :(