Garden Grows

Back in early July the boyfriend and I planted some vegetable seedlings. Would they grow? Would they shrivel up from lack of watering?  Would little buggies decide they'd make the perfect food source?

I'm not sure what I expected to happen. 

Okay, so we did loose about 1/3 of the seedlings. But the ones that did survive my black and blue thumb have kind of flourished!

I haven't a clue what plant is what. Fortunately, some of them do have markers that we stuck in the ground when we originally planted them, but I get the feeling that some of them are wrong.

Like the one above. The marker says it's a watermelon plant, but I could have sworn that watermelon growth tends to be more horizontal rather than vertical like ours.

Is it safe to assume this one's a tomato plant? It looks a bit diseased.

Next time the boyfriend and I attempt something like this, we will make sure to properly till the ground so it can actually yield something tasty.

Last week I started my last semester of college. So far it hasn't been too eventful. I'm definitely more mellow than I've been in past semesters.

I spend the time in between classes either working ( my job allows me to work from home the majority of the time ) or lying on by back on a path a bit removed from the main walkways with my ipod turned to Joanna Newsom, watching the bugs fly in and out of my field of vision.

It's quite relaxing. 


  1. Love the photography! Not sure what that first one is either! My mom grew watermelons and that plant does not look like hers did. hmmm
    Kinda fun having mystery plants though! ;)


  2. Such pretty pics - I would love to have a green thumb. You did well:)

  3. Thanks! I'm beginning to think its a pepper plant because I was looking at my old blog post from when I first planted the seedlings, and the little pepper plant sort of resembles this big one.. same leaf shape and everything...

  4. Great pics!
    My favourite picture is the one with the tomatoes!


  5. Your garden is lovely! The one you can't figure out, is a pepper plant; incidentally. I have "ten black thumbs" and this is the first year I've been able to grow anything. My peppers look just like that and I've had a bumper crop!

    Happy; as well; that your relaxed this last semester.

  6. Okay, so it is a pepper plant. Good to know :) It is definitely one of hardier plants we attempted to grow.


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