Cobalt Gold

Knowing how much I enjoy hiking trails, my boyfriend took me to this really delightful park that manages to span across three cities.

It was in the mid nineties today (which is definitely up there for northern California), so to beat the worst of the heat we timed our arrival so that we'd reach the park when the sun was just beginning to set.

Vasona Park, it was called.

Before we arrived, he told me that this park might just blow my mind. He was right.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many unusual features there were.

Everything was awash in a sea of cobalt and gold.

I wonder how it looks during the day.


  1. So many beautiful things to take photos of! Great place to shoot for sure!!!


  2. Thanks! Too bad this place is a ways from home..

  3. really cool shots. Love how different stuff can look at night!

  4. Beautiful photos, as well as interesting. Well Done!

  5. That place is out of this world. If I were you I would've bought my favorite outfits along and had a photo shoot. Ugh...so jealous.

  6. I know I loved it there. I'm really lucky I brought my camera at all since I thought we were only going on a quick hike :)


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