The Tallest Swede on Earth

So just as I suspected it would be, the Tallest Man on Earth show was amazing!

You could tell The Fillmore was full of history. The walls of the hallways and lounge areas were plastered with posters of bands who have played there in the past.

[Disclaimer: As with most venues, the lighting was slim to none. This is great for creating a thoughtful ambience, but not so great for someone who is trying to fulfill her blogger duties and is reluctant to flash up the place, ruinining the ambience they have so carefully crafted.]

Though the venue was more on the intimate side, it had a fairly large standing area where we could crowd by the stage.

There's nothing particularly noteworthy about this outfit, but here's something funny. When I was at the coat check putting away me and the boyfriend's jacket, there was another girl standing directly in front of me in the line wearing the exact same shirt as mine!

Until now, I had been proud to say that had never happened to me before. But, I guess when you shop at UO, it's bound to happen sometime.

The opener was a band that goes by the name of S. Carey. Their music sort of sounded like a cross between Local Natives and a more stripped down version of Fleet Foxes. His voice was beautiful, but a lot of the songs sounded similar - all very subdued and featuring harmonic oohhs and ahhs, with of course their differentiating details like lyrics and instrumental arrangements sprinkled here and there. It was definitely very chill music - a little too chill for a lot of the anxious concert goers. Even though they were great, by the fourth or fifth song you could tell the entire audience was getting restless. 

I really liked it though, and will see if I can find some of his stuff to post for you guys.

And now the main event. As mentioned previously, TMoE was simply divine. Like Joanna Newsom, I didn't really think he could sound any better live than he does on both of his albums. 

He proved me so wrong. 

His one man show was better than 95 percent of the bands I have seen. It really seemed as if he meant each and every word he was singing. Like if he performed to his absolute fullest, this was the show that was going to rise him to the level of the greatest greats. Not that I got the feeling that he was even the type of person who would want to be a household name.

Plus, he was saying the cutest things! He had this humble, unassuming, almost shy way about him. One girl yelled out her phone number at him in between one of his songs, and the conversation went something along the lines of this:

Drunk Concert Girl: I'll be your queen! Six Five Nine Two Four Three Six (or what ever)

TMoE: Oh. I don't normally do that after shows. I just go to sleep. And besides, I probably wouldn't be what you were expecting anyway.


And then another time:

TMoE: I love San Francisco. You all are always such sweet to me. How many of you guys were at Outside Lands(?) ? 

(audience cheers)

TMoE: Yea, that was great. I tried my hardest there, so I hoped you liked it. 

(audience cheers) 

TMoE: I'll try my very hardest again tonight. I always try my hardest to do well up here. It's all I know how to do. At least, I hope I'm doing well. I hope you guys like it. 

(female members of the audience erupt in a collective awwww)

He said a lot of really cute things that made all the girls go awww throughout the night. He's just adorable. The fact that he's probably somewhere between the heights of 5'6 and 5'9 really does help his cuteness cause. I wanted to steal that little Swede and take him home with me.

Oh, not in that way.

Okay, maybe in that way just a little bit. 


  1. Hi. Wanted to stop by and say thanks, re: my last post. :)

  2. sounds like you had a great concert night, also helped by the fact that the singer is veery cute!! ;)

  3. sounds like a crazy, fun show!


  4. I am so jealous you went to the Fillmore. One of these days I'll leave my safety net that is L.A. and trek up north to SF for a show. Sounds like you had a blast. On as side note, I totally tagged you for an award! Check out how it works on my blog:)


  5. Yea, if you ever get the chance to see a show other, I'd definitely recommend it. And thanks so much for the tag! :)


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