Fire Engine Red

I slept in today for the fist time in many moons. I got up once to move my basil plant into the morning sun, and didn't feel the need to rise again until 10:30am. Take that, time-I-ought-spend-studying-for-midterms!

Shorts... or jeans?

Jeans it is. Better do all the layering I can while the weather still permits.

My New Media course surprised us with a photo journalism project. Only five days to take several hundred photos of our subject, narrow it down to twelve, and post it to SoundSlides? Sounds good. Not adding to my already frightfully heavy workload at all.

My subject will be an awesome photography student I know and love. The plan is to follow her around for the next few days and catch her in action. Maybe I'll see how she goes about getting that elusive perfect shot. My photos will be one third as good as hers, if I'm lucky.

The firetrucks were out to play today.

We counted two. Two firetrucks, hanging around campus, raising and lowering their ladders. Perhaps they were practicing for the annual summer wildfires that are always so bountiful in the Bay Area and the surrounding locale?

I feel a beach trip coming on. Spring break is next week...


Windy, Errands. Green.

Today was one for errands - grocery shopping and clothing shopping. Which is the best sort, of course.

I'm really enjoying the pleasant weather we've been having. It's not so hot as to prevent me from layering, one the things that pleases me most in this universe.

Yet, not so cold that it looks a little ridiculous wearing opaque.

Has the time for rain really passed? If so, what more can a girl ask for? Don't get me wrong, I realize how important the rain is to all environments (both urban and those that are a la natural) and their inhabitants. But I'm sick of wearing boots (is this possible?)! I know, so selfish of me.

There are the most surprising houses mixed in with the cookie-cutter track homes on the way to the freeway.

I like the secret shed on the lawn. It's almost hidden.

Can't Get Enough: Beach House

I can't stop - I won't stop listening to Beach House. They're a somber, introspective indie band who have a choke-hold grip on my iPod. Their songs are filled with intricate vocal dreamscapes and soothing synths that practically force listeners to drift away to state of peace and serenity. A Beach House song is like tree. Both are made of layer upon layer of beauty that tell crazy stories that you may have to work at a bit to understand. If trees could talk, that is.

If you're in the mood for something calming, Beach House is always a great choice. Their song
Lover of Mine off their new (amazing)album, Teen Dream, could be the soundtrack to the above photo. Or for a time when you're lying on the sand, watching the clouds go by. Slightly epic, no?

Here they are performing Gila, one of their more popular songs, live at a Good Records in Dallas, Texas. They've found a way to replicate her dreamy vocals pretty flawlessly.

Clamoring for more? Rightfully so. Check out Heart of Chambers and Master of None, both some of their older work.

Pitchfork Magazine calls them dream-pop. I call them f'n awesome.


Annual, Albeit Late, St. Patrick's Day Post

Here is my completely awesome belated St. Patrick's Day post. The whole ordeal was sort of funny, actually. So, I woke up that morning thinking of nothing other than wearing my new Pins and Needles dress.

Totally my style. Loose, quarter-length sleeves and mid-thigh length - all attributes I like my dresses to have. I love the little dandelion floaties pattern repeated on the dress. Simple motifs are always the best.

The only problem was that I had to go to work before classes. The above outfit, perfectly fine for the bars I would be going to later, maybe wasn't so office appropriate. A little too much leg showing. Plus, I'm 5'9 and all legs. So any time I do show a little leg skin it looks like I'm showing more than it would on a girl of average height. So, I ended up throwing on a pair of black skinnys underneath. Definitely looked better with the tights, but the skinnys would work until I got home to change back for classes.

So, I get to the office, and I notice that an unusually large proportion of my co-workers are wearing green. I'm like.. okay cool, but very strange. And then one of my co-workers walks past me and is like, "Hey, love your use of green!"

CLICK! It's St. Patty's Day!

I don't own very many green pieces. Not because I'm not a fan of the color, but I like my green to be of the darker, muter varieties, and surprisingly, it's not often that I run into it. So how ironic is it that I choose to wear one of the four green pieces of clothing I own on St. Patty's Day?!

Must have be subconscious. Did you guys forget about St. Patrick's Day or was it ingrained in your memory since March began?


Lace I Love

Have I mentioned how much I love lace?

Oh, and bows? Yea, I love them big time. My love for them combined almost matches my love for florals, but not quite. So you can probably easily imagine why I heart this outfit ;) Wore it out to dinner in downtown con las chicas.

These shoes are definitely in my top three favorite pairs. I love the suede, I love the brass detailing, and I love the height! I believe I've only one pair taller. In these, I'm about 6'1.

No. 704b is an European brand. I haven't seem them sold anywhere in the US accept for at DSW retailers. Have any of you? They are a bit on the pricey side at about $100 and up, but you bet they were worth it, especially with my discount. I used to work there, and boy did I stock up on heels. Got to get while the gettin' is good, as they say.

Oh, and by the way, the peeking bra was not intentional. I actually didn't notice that it was super apparent until I was browsing through my camera's photos. Super strange how I didn't notice while I was looking at the mirror getting ready! Don't worry, I threw on a cami before I left. Although, perhaps I could have pulled it off with a black bra, if I was feeling particularly risque.


Has Spring Really Sprung?

I doubt it. Depsite my apparent fondness for the pretty new sprigs of greenery appearing here and there, I won't let this one week of warm weather get me too excited. Let's see how the weather is two weeks from now, then we can talk. I will, however, alter my daily attire to fit the occasion!

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the wind and feeling the approach of winter in the air. But the trickles of warmth that come with spring definitely know how to light my passion for fashion a-blaze! A simple tank and skirt is always a great combination. Throw on a blazer and it looks even better!

This is a Lucca Couture skirt I got from UO. I was on the fence about for a while. Did I really need another floral patterned skirt? The answer turned out to be: of COURSE! A little on the short side it is. But then again, I am a little on the tall side myself.

In honor of (the coming) Spring, I thought I might bring out my brown leather purse. It's been hiding in a storage unit under my bed for the last six months or so. Why, you ask? Because, I'm what you would call a creature of habit. I go through long phases of repitition. I choose the same purse for a while, take the same streets to and from, eat the same thing for breakfast for days at a time, and don't even ask me to stray from my favorite smoothie at Jamaba! Now that the brown purse is out, it's time to put my black boho bag away.

Later for you, black boho bag!! You have served me well.

A Leaflet

A pretty leaflet I noticed.. It's good to know that spring is on its way.