Fire Engine Red

I slept in today for the fist time in many moons. I got up once to move my basil plant into the morning sun, and didn't feel the need to rise again until 10:30am. Take that, time-I-ought-spend-studying-for-midterms!

Shorts... or jeans?

Jeans it is. Better do all the layering I can while the weather still permits.

My New Media course surprised us with a photo journalism project. Only five days to take several hundred photos of our subject, narrow it down to twelve, and post it to SoundSlides? Sounds good. Not adding to my already frightfully heavy workload at all.

My subject will be an awesome photography student I know and love. The plan is to follow her around for the next few days and catch her in action. Maybe I'll see how she goes about getting that elusive perfect shot. My photos will be one third as good as hers, if I'm lucky.

The firetrucks were out to play today.

We counted two. Two firetrucks, hanging around campus, raising and lowering their ladders. Perhaps they were practicing for the annual summer wildfires that are always so bountiful in the Bay Area and the surrounding locale?

I feel a beach trip coming on. Spring break is next week...

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  1. Ahhh, to sleep in. I'm not sure I remember what that is like. I have a two year old that prevents those simple joys in life...

    I found your blog from your post on the help forum. Following you now. I have enjoyed your posts so far.


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