Annual, Albeit Late, St. Patrick's Day Post

Here is my completely awesome belated St. Patrick's Day post. The whole ordeal was sort of funny, actually. So, I woke up that morning thinking of nothing other than wearing my new Pins and Needles dress.

Totally my style. Loose, quarter-length sleeves and mid-thigh length - all attributes I like my dresses to have. I love the little dandelion floaties pattern repeated on the dress. Simple motifs are always the best.

The only problem was that I had to go to work before classes. The above outfit, perfectly fine for the bars I would be going to later, maybe wasn't so office appropriate. A little too much leg showing. Plus, I'm 5'9 and all legs. So any time I do show a little leg skin it looks like I'm showing more than it would on a girl of average height. So, I ended up throwing on a pair of black skinnys underneath. Definitely looked better with the tights, but the skinnys would work until I got home to change back for classes.

So, I get to the office, and I notice that an unusually large proportion of my co-workers are wearing green. I'm like.. okay cool, but very strange. And then one of my co-workers walks past me and is like, "Hey, love your use of green!"

CLICK! It's St. Patty's Day!

I don't own very many green pieces. Not because I'm not a fan of the color, but I like my green to be of the darker, muter varieties, and surprisingly, it's not often that I run into it. So how ironic is it that I choose to wear one of the four green pieces of clothing I own on St. Patty's Day?!

Must have be subconscious. Did you guys forget about St. Patrick's Day or was it ingrained in your memory since March began?


  1. i am seriously in love with this outfit!

  2. your a amazing blogger(: im just starting. any pointers???

  3. love the outfit! the dress is so cute and i love the blazer, color, cut, fit, etc.

    and thank you for becoming the first follower of my blog!!!!! i'm just starting out and you really made my day, thank you thank you thank you!

  4. love love the androgynous blazer with the ultra feminine dress. great combination.


  5. Guys, thanks SO much! This blog is new so I'm very, very excited to see comments!

    arleenmaxwell: Hey, thanks so much! I checked out your blogs. Both are pretty cool :) I think if you add photos in to supplement your content it would give readers a visual to connect to your words. That's always nice. Great job!


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