Windy, Errands. Green.

Today was one for errands - grocery shopping and clothing shopping. Which is the best sort, of course.

I'm really enjoying the pleasant weather we've been having. It's not so hot as to prevent me from layering, one the things that pleases me most in this universe.

Yet, not so cold that it looks a little ridiculous wearing opaque.

Has the time for rain really passed? If so, what more can a girl ask for? Don't get me wrong, I realize how important the rain is to all environments (both urban and those that are a la natural) and their inhabitants. But I'm sick of wearing boots (is this possible?)! I know, so selfish of me.

There are the most surprising houses mixed in with the cookie-cutter track homes on the way to the freeway.

I like the secret shed on the lawn. It's almost hidden.


  1. Hey, nice blog. I'm not a huge fashionista by any means, but I like some of your outfits thus far. Gonna follow to see if maybe I can pick up some of your style! lol.. keep it up!

    *Miss Pisces*

  2. Hey chica! that blue house is so cute :) love the outfit! and clothing shopping is by far the best!

  3. Thanks, so much guys!

    Who can say no to shopping... if funds permit, that is. Mine usually don't. but that doesn't always stop me :)

  4. I love that little blue house as well. Nice shots right here.


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