Despite the random heat waves northern California has been having, I know that my all time favorite season is just around the corner.

I know that the mere mention of what I'm about to say is going to make some of you either super excited or sigh heavily in disgust, but apparently the jacket that I'm wearing is the same one Bella wore in the Twilight movies.

I happen to enjoy the series. I've read the books and saw the movies that have been released so far, and I take it for what it is: a series marketed towards pre-teen girls.

It's all in good fun. Whether you are team Jacob or Edward(!), there is room enough for all of us on this planet :)

Now, Harry Potter on the other hand, is a whole different bunch of bananas. That series happens to be very near to my heart, as the novels were released throughout my elementary through mid high school years. I basically grew up right along with Ron, Hermione and Harry. In fact, Ron may or not have been my very first fictional crush.

Another reason that series is pretty dear to me is that the films usually happen to be released very near my birthday, November 19. When the films first started coming out, my closest Harry Potter nerd friend and I would see them every year in theaters as part of my birthday celebration.

I'm no longer friends with my former Harry Potter buddy and have since taken to seeing the films with other, non-die hard friends, but I'll always remember the laughs and tears that my best friend and I shared reading the novels and watching the films together.

Oh, and the trademark opening music.. dum di di dum di dum dummmm :) 


  1. I love love love this ensemble! The perfect combination of styles textures shapes and colours :) Glad to see that you commented on our blog...thanks for the post!

    P.s. You have a new follower ;)

  2. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!! definitely in a waaaay better league than Twilight. i was really sad when i finished the 7th book, & i think i'm going to be totally depressed when the movie franchise ends, too. :(

    anyway, i love your booties, btw!!

    boat ride through the sky

  3. i love harry potter!!!!!! i can't wait for the new movieee. i might just die from waiting for the very last one after i watch the one coming up. haha! jk. but yea.. i love it.

    never liked twilight. haha. anyway, great blog!!! i love the floral skirt.

    come visit my blog and hope you follow it. thanks!!!


  4. I know, I'll definitely be sad when the last film comes out. It will be the end of an era!

  5. Great outfit! Love this skirt, tights, and jacket the most!!
    Never got into harry potter, but I'm so team Edward! ;)


  6. Your outfit is really pretty and really I could not care less about whether the jacket you wore here is the same one bella wore or not. :) All I cared about is whether it l;ookls good on you or not and it does. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: I am hosting a giveaway on my blog open to US and Canadian readers only. Please do take a moment to visit and enter. :) The chances of winning are very high if I may say so. Good Luck!

  7. Very cute shoes, I love this look! You look lovely.

    Love Alexandra xo


  8. First off; you look gorgeous!! Secondly? I absolutely love the Harry Potter series, especially the books. You can only cram so much into a movie. Besides; it's far better to envision the story as it unfolds!

    Hugs and love!

  9. !!!!!!!fantastic !!!!!!

    !!!!!!!fantastic !!!!!!

    switch off please the word verification, I follow through google reader which makes everything easier to read, while you make it hard for us to comment

  10. Thank you! Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart :)

  11. very cute outfit! love those up-lace shoes. gorgeous!


  12. You pro fashion bloggers should give me a tip or two about mix and matching clothes! haha! I might try and recreate this look one of these days :) Don't worry, I shall do proper crediting to you :)

  13. Len, with my mixing and matching, pretty much anything goes. :)

  14. I am in love with your skirt! :)

    And of course Harry Potter is infinitely better than that other series. Haha

  15. Oh wow! you were right--it is really sunny in your neck of the woods!

    following your blog now :)


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