Amoeba Green

Golden Gate Park is amazingly green.

Whether this be from natural causes, like algae, or something less benign, I do not know. It was refreshing to see, non the less. I love how there are trails that wind every which way and birds besides the common pigeon.

Not that there's anything wrong with a pigeon. They are nice too, of course.

The boyfriend and I spent Sunday there. I started the day off wearing a skirt. I must have done something to displease the wind gods because they started to blow. And I mean really blow. So I had to change into a much less picture-worthy outfit. I knew the piles of clothes I keep in my car would prove their worth. Being a clothes-a-holic does have its bonuses.

There was this quartet playing near one of the bridge tunnels that I really enjoyed. They sounded like the love child of Fleet Foxes and Local Natives - complete with both of the bands' trademark harmonic oohs and aaahs. Both are favorites of mine so it's little wonder I liked them so. Unfortunately the boyfriend was in a sour sour mood so I wasn't to stop long enough to catch the name of their band.

Hopefully our paths will cross again.

We also stopped by the Haight for a bit. Being a Sunday, it was jam packed with tourists, and neither of us are particularly big on crowds.

We did stay there long enough for me to thrift an amazing new top and a pair of shoes. Both of which I'm sure will make their debut in the coming days.


Sideways Teapot

It feels like July is flying by.

Soon it will be Monday, and my two week vacation will officially be over.

I got to do a lot of things that I normally don't have nearly enough time for. I helped my mom move all of her furniture into her new home, I helped my boyfriend eradicate his blood-sucking bug problem, I finished that ridiculously difficult summer course and to top it off, I got in to a non-injurous-but-very-expensive-to-fix car accident.

Wait, this doesn't sound much like a break to me. Some vacation. :)

Oh well, some vacation is better that none.


Winter Whenever

I must remember not be get annoyed when the warm summer weather prevents me from layering - only my favorite fashion-related task in the world.

Because it actually doesn't.

I was able to comfortably wear leggings and a blazer out to lunch in mid July. I love San Francisco :)

The boyfriend and I went to the most amazing sushi place called Sendo Sushi. I guess it's sort of an exaggeration for me to be calling a the restaurant amazing since I didn't actually have any of the sushi. You see, I would probably take the silver or bronze metal if there was a World's Pickiest Eater contest.

When I go to sushi places, I always stick to the teriyaki chicken. When I eat hotdogs (love), I pass on the relish, sauerkraut and mustard. Ketchup is more than enough, thanks. When I eat Mexican, I take only meat, cheese and rice in my burrito or quesadilla. Can that even be called Mexican?

Probably not.

So then maybe I ought to rephrase. We went to the most amazing teriyaki chicken place that also serves sushi :)

I was 6'1 in these heels. Good thing the boyfriend in 6'2.



The boyfriend I made an impromptu trip to the zoo. I thought I'd get in the spirit of things and do my take on a Lady of the Safari.

Neutral floral print on the inside paired with a neutral floral print with a splash of orange on the outside.

You can never have on too much floral.

Even though they didn't move at all while we were watching them, the Zebras were still my favorite.

After the initial excitement wore off, I started to feel a little guilty. I was getting plenty of enjoyment from watching these animals, and sure - they were in a nice, relatively spacious habitat, but it still didn't seem fair. These animals ought be to out in the wild, no matter how "nice" their artificial living space was. I asked one of the attendants about this, and she told me that all of the animals at the zoo were ones that were permanently injured, rescued from an unfit living situation, or had some other sort of disability, and would not survive in the wild otherwise.

Okay, I guess living in an a well-kept zoo is better than not living at all. Right?

The boyfriend and I definitely felt a little out of place since we weren't toting a kid or two around in a stroller. One of husbands at the zebra exhibit actually said "All you guys need now is a baby."

Ha. Yeah, right.

Although some of the animals were a little dull (or all together M.I.A - no tigers?), the zoo did have this pretty cool australian outback-themed train ride.

Mostly only Wallabees and Emus, but still pretty cool.


Fair Lady

Oh man. What a week. Between a ridiculously hard set of finals, helping my mom move in to her new house and battling a strange insect attack at the boyfriend's that may or may not have spread to my apartment, I have been completely tuckered out. The good news is that the fourth of July was pretty great!

My boyfriend's parents took my first fair.

I was pretty excited on the way there. It was a perfect summer day too :)

There were baby animals.

The cage part was a little sad. But you've got to admit, these little lambs were so cute.

The coolest part was by far the horse races.

We rented out these reserved box seats, so we didn't have to fight any crowds. Apparently, its not as easy to pick a winning horse as I would have thought.

Each time I was completely sure that I picked the winning horse. And of course, the horse I chose would come in dead last! No joke. One time I tried to better my chances by betting on two horses, but that too failed. That time my picks came in last and second to last. Dios mio!

Oh well, despite my uncanny knack for predicting the losing horse, it was still super fun. Good thing I only bet two dollars a race.


Green. Night and Day

Yesterday was a green day.

I wore my favorite blouse, this green floral silence + noise top, to my mom's new place. She hasn't even moved in yet and it already feels like I spend more time there than I do at home. Except it's not nearly as fun because there's no internet yet and all we do is clean. Clean the walls, clean the floors, clean the cabinets. True, it is an old house - but jeez!

So you guys have seen the before photos, and I can't wait until all her furniture is in so I can post the afters.

Later in the evening Lee (the boyfriend) and I went to Home Depot. We got some board switches, some flood lights and some cantaloupe seedlings! No joke. We picked up cantaloupe, watermelon, bell pepper, basil, oregano squash and zucchinis seedlings!

It was late by the time we got everything into the ground.

Yay for green!


Taken By Trees

Being a creature of habit can mean a lot of things.

It does afford you a certain level of the stability. You eat at the same restaurants every week. You take the same roads home. You tend style your hair in a particular manner.

You get the picture.

It can be good, but you do miss alot of things this way. Since I've been forced to explore my neighbor hood a bit more to find new areas to take photos, I've realized there are so many amazing places I've been missing out on.

You know what? It's officially time to unstick myself from this rut. Which is why I wore this outfit. It's unusually bright and cheery for me, but hey, a little new every now and then is healthy!

Good thing I have two weeks off of work. I'll now have time to explore the places that are out of my daily paths a bit more. Oh! I'll also start shooting for a new short film I'm making.

Here is the last one I did. It was for a new media course I took last semester.

It took a ridiculous amount of time to get footage - I'm talking hours and hours worth - most of which I didn't even end up using!

I'm really excited to start filming my new project. This time I won't be constrained by guidelines I have to follow in order to get a good grade, so I'll be able to get as creative as please!

What do you think of my last short film? Yay? Nay?