Green. Night and Day

Yesterday was a green day.

I wore my favorite blouse, this green floral silence + noise top, to my mom's new place. She hasn't even moved in yet and it already feels like I spend more time there than I do at home. Except it's not nearly as fun because there's no internet yet and all we do is clean. Clean the walls, clean the floors, clean the cabinets. True, it is an old house - but jeez!

So you guys have seen the before photos, and I can't wait until all her furniture is in so I can post the afters.

Later in the evening Lee (the boyfriend) and I went to Home Depot. We got some board switches, some flood lights and some cantaloupe seedlings! No joke. We picked up cantaloupe, watermelon, bell pepper, basil, oregano squash and zucchinis seedlings!

It was late by the time we got everything into the ground.

Yay for green!


  1. I love your look and your hair! So glad you stopped by my blog!


  2. I love the casual chic feel of your outfit! I hope that your seedlings flourish...how fun!

  3. thanks! I'm pretty excited for the cantaloupe :)

  4. oh my god your hair is fantastic! I love those shoes too :)

  5. hey sweetie, thanks so much for your message~!!

    really like how you rolled your pants up!!!i lvoe green too!!!


  6. I love those pants..I wish i could pull something like them off. They look great on you though. Have fun with the garden. Such s cool thing to do. I absolutely have no green thumb but would love to try planting cantaloupe:)

  7. What a casual look, and YAY, for green of course.

  8. The Givenchy dress u have picked is awesome, the problem is that they are all awesome. So I'll pick number 6 (gold long dress to come to your wedding)

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  9. thanks ladies :) Green is great - in all senses of the word.


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