Amoeba Green

Golden Gate Park is amazingly green.

Whether this be from natural causes, like algae, or something less benign, I do not know. It was refreshing to see, non the less. I love how there are trails that wind every which way and birds besides the common pigeon.

Not that there's anything wrong with a pigeon. They are nice too, of course.

The boyfriend and I spent Sunday there. I started the day off wearing a skirt. I must have done something to displease the wind gods because they started to blow. And I mean really blow. So I had to change into a much less picture-worthy outfit. I knew the piles of clothes I keep in my car would prove their worth. Being a clothes-a-holic does have its bonuses.

There was this quartet playing near one of the bridge tunnels that I really enjoyed. They sounded like the love child of Fleet Foxes and Local Natives - complete with both of the bands' trademark harmonic oohs and aaahs. Both are favorites of mine so it's little wonder I liked them so. Unfortunately the boyfriend was in a sour sour mood so I wasn't to stop long enough to catch the name of their band.

Hopefully our paths will cross again.

We also stopped by the Haight for a bit. Being a Sunday, it was jam packed with tourists, and neither of us are particularly big on crowds.

We did stay there long enough for me to thrift an amazing new top and a pair of shoes. Both of which I'm sure will make their debut in the coming days.


  1. your pictures are all so lovely! the park is very green, it's beautiful!

  2. looks like a gorgeous place! :D loving your purse/bag! :D

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  3. Love your outfit! Especially that scarf!! and what a beautiful place to shoot!


  4. the rolled up cuffs make this outfit. also your photos are so pretty!


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