Fair Lady

Oh man. What a week. Between a ridiculously hard set of finals, helping my mom move in to her new house and battling a strange insect attack at the boyfriend's that may or may not have spread to my apartment, I have been completely tuckered out. The good news is that the fourth of July was pretty great!

My boyfriend's parents took my first fair.

I was pretty excited on the way there. It was a perfect summer day too :)

There were baby animals.

The cage part was a little sad. But you've got to admit, these little lambs were so cute.

The coolest part was by far the horse races.

We rented out these reserved box seats, so we didn't have to fight any crowds. Apparently, its not as easy to pick a winning horse as I would have thought.

Each time I was completely sure that I picked the winning horse. And of course, the horse I chose would come in dead last! No joke. One time I tried to better my chances by betting on two horses, but that too failed. That time my picks came in last and second to last. Dios mio!

Oh well, despite my uncanny knack for predicting the losing horse, it was still super fun. Good thing I only bet two dollars a race.


  1. Lovely outfit and great photos!!!


  2. Looks like a fun day, love the floral top :)

  3. I love your pics...so pretty. Your outfit is really cute. Looks like a lovely day.


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