Taken By Trees

Being a creature of habit can mean a lot of things.

It does afford you a certain level of the stability. You eat at the same restaurants every week. You take the same roads home. You tend style your hair in a particular manner.

You get the picture.

It can be good, but you do miss alot of things this way. Since I've been forced to explore my neighbor hood a bit more to find new areas to take photos, I've realized there are so many amazing places I've been missing out on.

You know what? It's officially time to unstick myself from this rut. Which is why I wore this outfit. It's unusually bright and cheery for me, but hey, a little new every now and then is healthy!

Good thing I have two weeks off of work. I'll now have time to explore the places that are out of my daily paths a bit more. Oh! I'll also start shooting for a new short film I'm making.

Here is the last one I did. It was for a new media course I took last semester.

It took a ridiculous amount of time to get footage - I'm talking hours and hours worth - most of which I didn't even end up using!

I'm really excited to start filming my new project. This time I won't be constrained by guidelines I have to follow in order to get a good grade, so I'll be able to get as creative as please!

What do you think of my last short film? Yay? Nay?


  1. Love the film, definitely worth the effort. I love discovering new places just under your nose. Cute outfit!


  2. Love the film! and your blog is lovely, i am a follower!

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  3. Fab film - really beautifully put together. And your outfit is so pretty & eclectic! The skirt pattern is ace!


  4. Thanks ladies. It took a lot of effort so I'm glad it came out okay :)

  5. I love your outfit - esp the shoes! I've been searching for some in dark brown
    Great photos as well!


Thanks so much for your comments. I love hearing your feedback :)