Winter Whenever

I must remember not be get annoyed when the warm summer weather prevents me from layering - only my favorite fashion-related task in the world.

Because it actually doesn't.

I was able to comfortably wear leggings and a blazer out to lunch in mid July. I love San Francisco :)

The boyfriend and I went to the most amazing sushi place called Sendo Sushi. I guess it's sort of an exaggeration for me to be calling a the restaurant amazing since I didn't actually have any of the sushi. You see, I would probably take the silver or bronze metal if there was a World's Pickiest Eater contest.

When I go to sushi places, I always stick to the teriyaki chicken. When I eat hotdogs (love), I pass on the relish, sauerkraut and mustard. Ketchup is more than enough, thanks. When I eat Mexican, I take only meat, cheese and rice in my burrito or quesadilla. Can that even be called Mexican?

Probably not.

So then maybe I ought to rephrase. We went to the most amazing teriyaki chicken place that also serves sushi :)

I was 6'1 in these heels. Good thing the boyfriend in 6'2.


  1. I'm so jealous that you can wear that and not be a melty puddle on the floor! SO JEALOUS! (also of your height I'm 5'1:)

  2. really great outfit!! i love your blazer & shoes!!

  3. I love the shoes are pretty amazing!!!!!!
    they are to die for!!


  4. you cld layer in London and you'd STILL be cold during this weather. hahaha.

    first time at ur blog!! loving it.

    xx theitalianese.com

  5. we *love* this blog! Your writing is just as fresh, personable, and interesting as your style. Can't wait to see what you do next...

    xoxo casey and the Boutique girls @ backalleyfashion.blogspot.com

  6. Thanks so much!

    Lisa: Yeah, I bet London is still ridiculously chilly in the summer. Maybe I ought to take a trip there sometime soon...

    If only :)

  7. yeah, i'm a pretty picky eater too.
    I'm jealous of how you can layer in the summer :( it's boiling where I am.

    love all your outfits :)

  8. great outfit! i love everything about it! especially the shoes! like most people said, you're very lucky to be able to layer during the summer. i live in an area that's cold as hell during the winter and hot as hell during the summer!

    great blog!


  9. This outfit is super cute. I usually hate winter cos it means I have to cover up my pretty dresses, then hate summer cos it's too hot to wear anything but pretty dresses! Haha. Fickle.

    Ps you take the most gorgeous photos of stuff. When I take pictures of plants or something it looks positively boring, yours are inspired!


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