Sideways Teapot

It feels like July is flying by.

Soon it will be Monday, and my two week vacation will officially be over.

I got to do a lot of things that I normally don't have nearly enough time for. I helped my mom move all of her furniture into her new home, I helped my boyfriend eradicate his blood-sucking bug problem, I finished that ridiculously difficult summer course and to top it off, I got in to a non-injurous-but-very-expensive-to-fix car accident.

Wait, this doesn't sound much like a break to me. Some vacation. :)

Oh well, some vacation is better that none.


  1. It is crazy how July is almost over. This summer is going by soooo fast. I love your skirt and vest...very pretty:-)

  2. Love love the skirt so it is perfect.

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  3. Thanks so much! This summer is flying by which I guess is a good thing (?)

  4. Thanks for the comment:) I love your style and all the quirky pictures on your blog! You and your boyfriend are so cute with your veggie patch! I'm following your blog now! Follow me back if you can.


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