Has Spring Really Sprung?

I doubt it. Depsite my apparent fondness for the pretty new sprigs of greenery appearing here and there, I won't let this one week of warm weather get me too excited. Let's see how the weather is two weeks from now, then we can talk. I will, however, alter my daily attire to fit the occasion!

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the wind and feeling the approach of winter in the air. But the trickles of warmth that come with spring definitely know how to light my passion for fashion a-blaze! A simple tank and skirt is always a great combination. Throw on a blazer and it looks even better!

This is a Lucca Couture skirt I got from UO. I was on the fence about for a while. Did I really need another floral patterned skirt? The answer turned out to be: of COURSE! A little on the short side it is. But then again, I am a little on the tall side myself.

In honor of (the coming) Spring, I thought I might bring out my brown leather purse. It's been hiding in a storage unit under my bed for the last six months or so. Why, you ask? Because, I'm what you would call a creature of habit. I go through long phases of repitition. I choose the same purse for a while, take the same streets to and from, eat the same thing for breakfast for days at a time, and don't even ask me to stray from my favorite smoothie at Jamaba! Now that the brown purse is out, it's time to put my black boho bag away.

Later for you, black boho bag!! You have served me well.

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