Can't Get Enough: Beach House

I can't stop - I won't stop listening to Beach House. They're a somber, introspective indie band who have a choke-hold grip on my iPod. Their songs are filled with intricate vocal dreamscapes and soothing synths that practically force listeners to drift away to state of peace and serenity. A Beach House song is like tree. Both are made of layer upon layer of beauty that tell crazy stories that you may have to work at a bit to understand. If trees could talk, that is.

If you're in the mood for something calming, Beach House is always a great choice. Their song
Lover of Mine off their new (amazing)album, Teen Dream, could be the soundtrack to the above photo. Or for a time when you're lying on the sand, watching the clouds go by. Slightly epic, no?

Here they are performing Gila, one of their more popular songs, live at a Good Records in Dallas, Texas. They've found a way to replicate her dreamy vocals pretty flawlessly.

Clamoring for more? Rightfully so. Check out Heart of Chambers and Master of None, both some of their older work.

Pitchfork Magazine calls them dream-pop. I call them f'n awesome.


  1. i love love love beach house! they're absolutely amazing, good taste.

  2. Hey, thanks!

    Beach House is pretty amazing. Especially live... from what I've seen from youtube :)


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