I, Jazzy.

My outfits have been pretty dismal lately. The one I wore to the Annual Jazz Festival last weekend was not even worth documenting :(

The boyfriend and I had an amazing time. 

It was three days filled with Jazz, Salsa and Funk. Even though my iPod is filled with relatively obscure indie artist like The Tallest Man on Earth (who I am seeing live next month!), Beach House, Taken by Trees and Fionn Regan, I do have a healthy appreciation for most types of music. 

The Jazz and Salsa were amazing. Funk, though amazing in it's own special way I'm sure, I despise. 

My favorite part of festivals are the vendors. I love looking at the random items for sale. This year's selection did not disappoint.

They even had my favorite item of all time.

Furry drums!

If you ever find your self face to face with a furry drum, here are several steps you must be sure to take:

1. Stop and stare in awe.
2. Say to yourself out loud to confirm, "Yes, it is a furry drum."
3. Extend your arm towards the furry drum. Ensure there is epic music playing in the background and the slow motion effect has been turned on.
4. Make contact with the furry drum.
5. Proceed to rub and drum until content.

The highlight of weekends performance for me was the Jeff Hamilton Trio.

Okay, I realize they don't look all that interesting, but let me assure you, they are a sight to see.

Bill Hamilton (in the center) plays the drums like I've never seen. 

Oh and in case you are expecting something crazy and mind blowing, this sample is pretty yellow mellow. 


  1. Ahhh. LOVING the fuzzy drums! All the drums; makes me miss a drumming on the beach in NC. Happy you both had a great time!

  2. Looks like a great time! I love all your photos! What kind of a camera do you use? My hubby just got me at Rebal T1i (EOS 500D) yesterday and I can't wait to start blogging with it!


  3. This looks like such a good time. I wish we had Jazz festivals around where I live. Love the photos...and that furry drum:-)

  4. thanks ladies :)

    Lisa, the camera is a sort of old point and shoot (circa 2003 or so). A Panasonic DMC FX8. It falling a part and I think it's time to get a new one. From the name alone, the Rebel Tli sounds pretty legit ( I don't know much about cameras :)

  5. o wow! i'm drooling over the furry drums & i thought it was so cute how you described the proper way to approach them haha. you have great taste in music btw!

  6. so nice pics!


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