Mr. B. Dylan

Wouldn't you know it. I just happen to fall ill on the weekend that I have one of my very best friend's 21st birthday celebration and the Bob Dylan concert I've been waiting for since we bought tickets in like, June.

Keeping in mind that I was feverish and sneezy, I did not feel like dressing up much for the concert. The cute outfit, along with the plans of heading up early to relax at the beach before heading to concert, were nixed.

Warmth, not fashion, was the key to surviving the 55 degree weather I was heading towards.

I know 55 degrees isn't that cold, but when you're used to nights hitting an all time low of 62 and your sick, all of a sudden the night air can seem a lot more brisk.

I love the drive down 101 to Monterey.

Usually on trips to Monterey, I'm the one doing the driving. It was so refreshing to be in the passenger's side and be able to relax and document some of the sights, rather than having to focus on the road.

In case you haven't heard, sightseeing while driving is the probably one of the leading causes of those bumper-to-bumper traffic jams we all just love being stuck in.

Cherrys for sale? Don't mind if I do.

We made it to the concert with plenty of time to spare. It was definitely interesting being one of the few younger people and the only person of color (seriously, this is not an exaggeration) that I saw the entire time.

I'm pretty used to being the only black person in social situations due to the sort of unconventional scene that I hang about in. But what I'm not used to, is getting such intense stares. This may have been because 96 percent of the crowd were age 50 and up, but still.... sort of uncomfortable.

Things definitely mellowed out once the great Bob Dylan got on stage!

I'm sure the large percentage of older people in attendance had a lot to do with the fact that when Bob Dylan was in his prime back in the 60s and 70s, they were too.

The most hilarious part was that as soon as the lights dimmed and his music started playing, all these little amber twinkles appeared in numerous places throughout the crowd, and soon there was a quite distinctive smell in the air.

Even the older couple sitting to our left who I had chatted with a bit before the show started about their daughters in college back east, had a little amber glow of their own. They were getting down with their groovy hard. I had never seen the Twist or the Robot executed with such grace and elegance before.

Kudos to them. And to you as well, Mr. Dylan, for playing a role in healing people throughout the civil rights and anti-war movements.


  1. Lovely passenger side pics and those boots are lovely. Sorry to hear you were sick (and in an accident) glad you are alright and also feeling better from your fever. That's just no fun. Sounds like an awesome concert. Bob Dylan is great in many ways- my husband loves him so much that he has seen him 7 times:-)

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling well. :( But it sounds as though it was a great concert. And the pics? Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing them. I hope you're feeling better!


  3. Love the drive shots!
    and your outfit is really cute! I'd wear that even if I was feeling well!!!
    Hope you had a great time and are now feeling better!


  4. first off Bob Dylan is amazing! you were so lucky to be able to see him despite the discomfort :/ You didn't look at all like you were sick lol and I really hope you're feeling better. oh & thnks for helping me out in my boot search! I finally found a pair on another site for a reasonable price.

  5. Love the shoots . WoW


  6. I love your shoes!! And the warm look suits you well.


  7. thanks ladies! Got the shoes at Aldo. Soo comfortable :)

  8. dig dig dig! your shoes!

  9. Bummer about you being sick! I hope you get better soon! Nice pics!


  10. Thanks ladies :) I did get better. But now, I'm sick again! Got to love an unhealthy immune system.

  11. Ah jealous! You got to see the great Bobby D himself! Glad you had a good time in spite of your unwell-ness

  12. I love bob dylan also! He's my favorite. Saw him last october.


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