Steal the Show

We all know that sometimes, it's about the shoes. Other articles of clothing can serve as nothing more than a blank canvas - an indistinct backdrop.

Such was definitely so in this instance.

Alright, perhaps I won't go as far to say that this dress is indistinct. It's actually quite perfect. The quintessential black dress, even.

The length hits about mid-thigh. Just where I like it.

It's shape is pretty amazing. A dress that manages to be form-fitting and have a draping, effortless look to it at the same time is always ideal.

But as satisfying as this Silence + Noise black dress is, this time, it wasn't the star of the show.

These were.

My favorite pair of heels. Probably one of the coolest platforms in existence.

Have I ever mentioned my obsession over bows? Acknowledgment is the first step taken on the road to recovery.

So glad the rain is mostly behind us! I know you're going to get pretty well acquainted with these.


  1. Omg!! So jealous! I love love love the shoes! those are so cute!!!! Thanks for following my blog as well!!!!!!!!


  2. gorgeous! i love the quirkiness of betsey johnson! :)



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