Some Snow for Some Sun?

Every December downtown San Jose sets up this Christmas wonderland sort of thing in the park. Christmas trees, fake snow, ferris wheels - the whole shebang.

It's sort of funny how Northern California has to create fake snow in events like these to help set the winter wonderland mood and get us in the holiday spirit. I'm sure in say, Ohio, would love to trade us some of their snow for some of our famous California sun. 

I'd make that trade for sure. I've heard it can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, but I can definitely say that I am a big fan of the snow, and I wish Northern California got even just a little bit during the winter season.

I stand here professing my deep and unyielding love for snowy snow, yet to be fair, I have to admit that I actually have yet to have even stepped foot in a snow mound. Do you think I'd change my mind if I spent a few days trying to maneuver around in the stuff? 

I might...

This guy made me laugh.

This guy freaked me out. Shall we call him Gipedo?


  1. thanks so much for your comment on my post! i just went through some of your recent posts and i LOOOVE so many of your photos! awesome :)

  2. Ha! That is funny! Here in Wisconsin, we have real snow on the ground (and really had to shovel yesterday and everything :))

  3. oh, i love christmas. great to see you blogging again! :) and yes, that little dude is Freaky.

  4. you take SUCH cool photos!

    i'm sure you don't have to ask my feelings on snow; i'll gladly swap you some. yes, it's still up to my knees here and mostly sort of icy now. definitely think you should have a 'white christmas' once in your life though! xx

  5. Mode: Thanks, I hope I can stay regular this time! Isn't it strange? haha

    Charstar: Haha I know, your photos of it were so pretty! I feel like the next few of my post are going to be me complaining about not having snow (:

  6. These are lovely photos! I was at Christmas in the Park on Friday night... It's kind of overstimulating to me, haha. Too many people, too many weird twists and turns. But it is sort of charmingly hokey :P

  7. Great photos; especially the ones of the ferris wheel! Now, the clown on the other hand I find a bit creepy...

    Thanks for sharing your Wonderland photos with us all!

  8. Sophi: That was the night I was there too! You're right - it is a bit cheesy, but I go every year anyway haha.

    Brenda: Yea, the clown is sort of strange, especially if you have a clown phobia :/

  9. Cool pictures! I can't wait to visit all of the different Christmas events we have here. I love seeing all the lights and little wonderland statutes. Some are quite creepy, I have to admit.


  10. I love the quality of light in these photos. It's sparkly and magical! And, I live in Michigan, and I'll gladly send you some of the foot-plus of snow we already have blanketing the ground!

  11. As a former Northern California girl turned East Coast girl, I can vouch for the fact that snow is AWESOME... What sucks about places that get winter weather is the ice on the sidewalks and roads!


  12. Rach: Thanks! Be sure to post photos.

    Vanessa and Simone: Ahh you guys aren't helping my jealously problem :)

  13. The photos are beautiful! I especially love the ferris wheel and the last one with the lights =)
    lol at Gipedo =P


  14. You would definitely change your mind about snow... It's nice for the first hours it's snowing, but when it stops and starts melting, it's a mess! But of course, there's nothing like a white christmas!!


  15. Maui Ben: I keep hearing that! I need to see for my self jusssst to be sure :)

  16. Oh man. I haven't been to Christmas in the Park since I was a kid! I used to love that little skating rink they'd set up.


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