Dull Fun

I've been away again. Bad, bad me.

Sorry for the lack of fashion-related posts. Or posts in general really. In the past few weeks I've been through a breakup with my boyfriend, a barrage of new tasks at work, a ridiculous amount of school work, and an annoying, itchy pest problem in my apartment. All of these things have left me completely unenthusiastic about life right now, and my poor bloggy blog fell by the wayside.

Worry not, I'm sure I'll be back to normal postings any day now :)

A few weekends ago, one of the bands my dad plays in had a gig at some sort of appreciation banquet for some of the members of the Stanford Hospital. He plays the trumpet, and has for a number of years, so the idea of seeing him perform live has sort of lost its intrigue for me.

Even so, I decided to come with him this time. Despite the fact that I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for about 19 years, I somehow had avoided visiting the Stanford University campus. When I found out he was playing there, I was certainly glad I brought my camera.

I only explored a tiny part of the campus, as it was more than 100 degrees that Saturday and I was wearing black jeans. The buildings near the banquet weren't particularly special, but it was a bit eerie. Even though it was a Saturday, I expected there to be more people milling around.

Besides the occasional wanderers from the banquet, I saw zero.

Being the trumpet player's daughter sometimes affords the liberty to roam around backstage (although, this backstage was hardly exclusive).

Ok, I am more than due for a new camera. One that can actually zoom and focus, please!


  1. Sorry you've been having a rough time. But happy to see you back!! :-)

  2. dude, sorry to hear you're going through it. feel better soon :)

    ps: so so cool that your dad play the trumpet!

  3. I love that picture of the red building...great angle...
    Kristina J.

  4. sorry you've had some troubles! hope things are better now and happy hallowe'en to you! :)

  5. Hey!It's nice to have you back!!Hopefully you'll soon be posting outfits pics :)

  6. Thanks guys. Yes, as soon as we hit thanks giving break I will finally have some new material!

  7. So I'm being a creep and going through all of your posts, haha. The reason it was deserted is 'cause that's the medical school, and neither tourists nor undergrads really go over there, which is why it seemed so desolate. I love that building, though! Do you go to SJ state? My boyfriend goes there :)

  8. I don't know what camera you are currently using but your pictures look amazing although I think that equally as to do with you having a great eye for framing shots.


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