Birthday 22

I can never get enough of aquariums. I've had them in the past and have kept some pretty random fish. I've had livebearers like Mollies and Platies, but my favorite tank I've set up is probably my all female Beta Splenden (commonly referred to as the Siamese Fighting fish) sorority tank. Unfortunately, my beta family is no longer with me because of ridiculous rules set by a ridiculous landlord. Sigh.

For my birthday weekend, my boyfriend(!) and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love pretty much everything about this place. The location is beautiful. It's up against the Monterey Bay and they've got some gorgeous views of the sea. And sand dunes. Sand dunes galore.

(That is currently my go-to skirt. Too comfortable!)

I've been to all of the Bay Area aquariums, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium definitely has the most interesting exhibits. They've got one staring what has to be some of the laziest sea birds in existence. Wake up, dig through the sand for a mealy worm or some other type of crawly, walk around, get gawked at by screaming children. Rinse, repeat. What a life..? I shouldn't tease. I'm sure they'd choose freedom if they could. 

Sea birds are surprisingly fluffy when they don't ever have to be near the sea. 

Jellies. Jellies everywhere!

Although maybe not as cool as the jellies, the aquarium also has a sweet telescope. Once focused, it provided good ten minutes of spy-like fun.

It was a good day.


  1. Happy Birthday! Great outfit and I love the pictures!


  2. Thanks! I got a new camera and it was my first time testing it out (:

  3. beautiful jellies!

  4. They were definitely my favorite!


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