Hosiery Cemetery

I have the most terrible time keeping tights alive.

I'm lucky if I can even get out of my apartment and off to where ever I'm going before I snag them on some angled monster. And these angled monsters seem to come out of nowhere just to ruin my hosiery. They must get some sort of sick satisfaction out of it.

If there's velcro, a rouge splinter, or a hang nail in the room, my tights will find it. 

We all know that what begins as a little nick will can turn into a gigantic run in just a few short hours. Luckily that torn, grunge look is sort of in right now if done correctly.

How long will this pair last? I give three more wears. If I'm lucky.


  1. these pictures are adorable! i especially love the two looking down your outfit xx


  2. Thanks (:


  3. Hey there!! Wow all of your pictures are so beautiful! In this post I especially love those shoes! Thanks for stopping by! Keep in touch girl!

  4. Really enjoy this skirt pattern with the texture of the tights! great look!!


  5. I love your pictures! My tights don't last too long either..lol. I get like 2 wears out of them before I snag them.


  6. Oh my gosh, you have the cutest blog! I love it! I always have a hard time keeping my tights "alive" too! To answer your question you left, I don't know if changing a blog name affects followers, I still have the same ones on Google but it did mess up my bloglovin domain.

  7. Mine are always running, too! I don't dare to invest in anything too pricey because I know I'm going to ruin them quickly.
    I adore this pair, though, with the geometric pattern. And your skirt is darling! Thanks for stopping by my site!

  8. Thanks Emily!

    I'm glad we can all agree that I'm not the only one who has issues with this (:

  9. I know exactly how you feel!!! I can't spend more than $10 on tights because I'm always climbing trees and being silly and, of course, I ruin them completely. Your outfit is adorable, by the way :)

  10. i love your tights! please share where you bought them! hehe


  11. ohmy, tights for me are such problems, always afraid they will rip.
    Your really pretty and loving the outfit!


  12. Thanks guys (:

    I have noticed though that the more you spend on a pair, the more wear you can get out of them. It just depends whether you'd rather spend a smaller amount on a pair that will rip real easily, or spend a bit more on a pair that may rip just as easily, but will probably last longer. Ehh :/

    Cara: I got that Urban Outfitters, I believe.

  13. Mine seem to snag before I can even get them on my body :(
    But I still love them.
    You're are fun!

  14. LOL How funny! You sound like me. I murder my tights. That's why it's pretty pointless for me to buy them. You would think in this day in age there would be some fool-proof stockings. Is that too much to ask for? :)

  15. I agree. Tear-resistant tights is not too much to ask! (:

  16. I am with you. I am such a clutz, I tear tights far too often. This pair is super cute. I love the pattern in it. Plus that skirt of your is adorable as well.


  17. Haha! If only tights were indestructible! Lovely outfit. Cute cute jacket.


  18. i love love LOVE that coat! i am very jealous :)


  19. if I wear Sheer thin Natural colour Tights [10 / 15 DENIER] ..they last me 10/12 wears ...if I wear Thick Black Opaque Tights [80/200 denier] ..they will only last me for one wearing ..and that's if im lucky ..why's that you ask ...my Mother in Law hates Thick Black Tights ..she rips them off of my legs ..she cuts them off with scissors. Charlotte.


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