Air House

This week has been draining. This meteorology course I'm taking keeps threatening to kick my butt.

Oh yea, Meteorology 113? You and what army?

When I wake up for work it isn't even light out yet.  I don't even bother to turn the lights on in my room. I just sort of  stumble to the bathroom to tame my giant monster hair, and by the time I'm done, there's usually a little bit of light peeking through my windows.

I'm not a coffee drinker at all, so on my brain is still on autopilot until I get in my car and start blasting some feel-good or sad-girl music, depending on my mood. This works well enough for tasks like brushing your teeth and taming my monster hair, but picking clothes + semidarkness + autopilot usually doesn't work so well when it comes to picking out a work outfit. This one came out decent enough though - besides the tights and sweater in the late of June.

On my way home from work, I stopped by my house to grab my tripod and went on an impromptu shoot.

There's a giant clearing on the outskirts of downtown. It's so beautiful - it's almost ridiculous.

There are dozens of varieties of wildflowers and roses. There are mature trees that have managed to grow undisturbed. There are winding trails running parallel to the river. The grass is so wind-blown in some places that it looks like a rake was dragged across the ground in every which way.

I love it. It's one of kind in an otherwise concrete wasteland.

It almost feels like it's mine. Sort of like a very well-kept secret that someone decided to let me - and only me - in on.

Though I've been here a million times before, I noticed something this afternoon that I have some how managed to overlook until now.

I'm not sure what it is. The words "air house" come to mind. Is there such a thing? Probably not. It's likely just a greenhouse of some sort, but air house just has such a ring to it. Don't you think?

I wonder what else is in that clearing?


  1. My goodness, those are fantastic photos!
    I love features on natural places, and I do rather love your hair as well~

    Have a lovely day!


  2. Great pics! I found your link on Fashion Ammo! I have a blog too!

    I am now following your blog and look forward to more of your great style!
    ps. love those boats!

  3. Love your photos :) just had a bit of a peek at some of your other posts as well, you have great style!

  4. thanks l so much ladies! Oh man, it takes dozens of photos just to get a couple good ones. So worth it though!

  5. cuute. love this outfit, although with the 90+ degree days we've beenhaving onthe east coast I'm sweaty just looking at you!

  6. What a beautiful place to photograph!

  7. The weather in Northern California is so strange. Today we had 90 degree weather when just two days before it barely hit 75!

  8. thanks so much! The hair is a beast. Some days it friendly. Other days...

  9. such beautiful photos and I absolutely love this outfit. Your shoes are amazing!

  10. Love the tights, the shoes, the whole outfit! :)


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