The New New

The backyard of my mom's new old house is pretty ridiculous. Spiders and bees are unsually bountiful.

Practically a horror zone for the world's arachnophobes and bee-scardies alike. This might be because it's been vacant for quite a while. 

I really do hope they find a new home when she moves in, though, I can't really imagine that her living there will be any incentive for the bees to leave.

After all, they were there first.

This worries me, as I'm terrible afraid of bees and equally allergic to spider bites.

I was five the first time I was stung by a bee. I was standing atop of the playground slide during kindergarden lunchtime. The slide was located beneath this strange type of tree with red, pine needle-like blooms. There were always bees swarming about that tree. They were probably attracted to the tree's strange blooms. But like most children, I was practically fearless at the age. There was no reason to be afraid. The little yellow and black flying bugs had never done anything bad to me.

And one day, it happened. I was about to go down the slide, when I felt this sudden, burning sensation on my hand. I screamed and lunged down the slide. The tears streamed down my face on the short run towards the bench where the yard duties sat. One of them explained that I had been stung.


No longer were those little yellow and black monsters just a neutral component of the scenery. No. They burned that bridge when one of the queen bee's minions decided to enact what must have only been some sort of sick revenge mission on a poor, defenseless little kindergardener, who's only desires in life were to eat, nap and play.

The pain felt when the teacher maneuvered the tweezers into my delicate skin to extract the bee's stinger from my palm only cemented my newfound fear and hatred towards "the bee".

Don't even get me started on my first spider bite.

I'll be spending a lot of time there since she'll only be a bike-ride's distance away. That, and I'll get free food.


  1. This is such an adorable look. I really like this dress, great pattern!


  2. i am so afraid of bugs! i hate spiders! love the dress btw!

  3. Amy: I know! Its funny because most bugs are totally harmless, but I'm equally afraid of those as I am the dangerous (as far as a bug goes, that it) ones.

    thanks ladies!

  4. i love this outfit & entire blog for that matter...i think we're long lost cousins or something lol.


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