Bon Iver

By a show of hands, how many of you have heard of Bon Iver?

If you haven't, today is your lucky day. Thank me later.

Justin Vernon, the front man for the band, might have the most calming voice I have ever heard. His tone is distinct, wistful and full of depth.

I usually put Bon Iver on when I'm in the mood to wallow in my sadness. When I'm in the moment, I can see his words leaving wispy tendrils in the air.

The above song, For Emma, helped me out a lot during a pretty brutal breakup. I saw the ending coming from a mile away, yet chose to ignore the signs that were telling me to leave while I still had at least an ounce of dignity left.

"With all your lies, you're still very lovable..."

Lesson learned.

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