I Make Potions

When I was younger, I always wanted a little sister or brother to play with.

Not so I could teach him or her things, or care for the child. I wanted one just so I'd have another human to play with on a consistent basis.

I would always have to beg my parents to play Uno or Pretty Pretty Princess with me. Sooner or later I'd always give up and just go make potions in the font yard.

Such is the plight of an only child.

But all jokes aside, making potions was actually one of my favorite past times up until about the fifth grade. It was still actually something I did a lot after that year, but I moved into a neighborhood that actually had kids living in it, so I had to relocate that operation to the backyard, where it could be performed in secret.

I was definitely trying to avoid being known as the potion-making weirdo who lives in the blue house.

After all, the first time I had tried to let someone in on my secret activity didn't go so well.

Me: Want to try something really fun?
Friend: What?
Me: Okay, its really fun. I do it all the time.
Friend: What is it?
Me: Making potions?
Friend: Potions? Out of what?
Me: Berries and Lubiderm.
Friend: ....
Me: Come on! .... Please?

-five minutes later-

Friend: This is not fun at all.
Me: *sigh* never mind....

That was the gist of the conversion. Maybe it was an only child thing?


  1. Haha, I totally love to make potions as well and I had a sister, but she's about 6 years younger so I often played alone as well.

  2. im digging the cuffed pants with those wedges!!! so chic! :D

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  3. Thanks! These pants are for sure my favorite pair right now.

    No way, you made potions too? Small world :)

  4. Love the soft colours you've mixed then the bold striped shoes at the bottom, so cute! Plus completely jealous of your super long legs, I could never pull off pants like that :p

  5. Thanks :) I'll tell you one bad about having long legs though, its pretty impossible to find pants. My inseams is 37 inches! Even the "long" length in stores are only 34 inches at most :)


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