I'll Shut Up Now

I thought it would be nice to bring out a pair of heels that I adore.

They aren't the most comfortable pair I own.

Though, the best ones never are.

The next month will probably be one of the business months I've had in a while. Possibly in my entire life. I will now be working two jobs. One of which does an outstanding job of paying the bills. And boy do I have a lot of them. The only downs side of this job is that it is beyond dull and each hour I sit at my desk in my windowless office,  another pint of all-that-is-good seeps out from my soul and onto the floor, never to be recovered again.

The second of which is actually pretty amazing. I'll be learning all about crazy web design and SEO stuff, which is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to get in to. Today was my first day and I must say, it seems like it's going to be a great fit!

I'll also be taking a summer course. I know, why on earth would anyone voluntarily take a summer course, and a ridiculously difficult one at that! My options were:

1. Take this four-week summer course on Atmospheric Pollution while working two jobs and suffer for one month.

2. Take 19 units my last semester of college while working two jobs and suffer for four months.

The choice was pretty clear to me.

I've worked full time while being in school full time before, so I know that it's a totally doable chore that many, including myself, are forced to do to just to make enough to get by. Damn you, dismal economy!

Here's another thing: I am extremely lucky to have both of these jobs, so I ought not complain.

I'll shut up now.


  1. I love the way you've put this outfit together, but the shoes are the best! Great look...

  2. Really cute outfit, congrats on the job!


  3. i love your skirt!!! the print is soo pretty! the whole outfit looks fantastic and your shoes are killer!!!

  4. thanks ladies! i definitely plan to get more wear out of the skirt and the shoes!


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